Jennifer Foster is owner of Foster Productions, Inc., the founder of Kids’ Wellness Alliance, an active member of the Orlando community, and a global citizen committed to a peaceful and inclusive world. As an internationally recognized, award-winning Writer/Producer/Director, Jennifer has worked on a wide range of creative projects and helped numerous businesses and philanthropic organizations to create powerful messaging and deliver dramatic results.


Jennifer is a team player who credits her youthful days playing sports for her competitive yet collaborative nature, her unwavering spirit of perseverance, and commitment to delivering measurable results. Her ability to consensus build and unite stakeholders around a shared vision is one of her greatest strengths. She’s as comfortable directing a crew on a production as she is convening stakeholders around a purposeful cause, applying the sophisticated Producer skills she’s honed over the years to “GSD” (get shit done) in whatever situation she encounters. Most importantly, she brings a sense of equanimity and respect for others to every project she chooses to engage in. Whether at a remote location of the world, on set in a studio, or around a boardroom table – Jennifer finds joy in sizing up difficult situations and leveraging others skills/similarities/differences to enable all involved to achieve common sustainable goals. She also values “play” to be as essential as “work” so infuses fun and laughter into even the most challenging of tasks.

Jennifer’s zest for life and aptitude to explore “blue sky” possibilities led to an entrepreneurial spirit she has nurtured throughout her adult life. She is passionate about purposeful endeavors that make the world a better place. This motivation has led her to expand her talents from simply “creating content” into consulting work where she applies her unique approach of creative problem solving, strategic planning, and powerful storytelling to help her clients effectively achieve their vision. While she has the natural ability to think big, she’s also extremely organized and realistic about practicalities such as budgets, timelines, stakeholders interests, and desired outcomes. Whether in business, philanthropy, or content creation – together, she and her collaborative partners achieve extraordinary results.

Jennifer holds an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice (her teenage dream was to be an FBI agent!) and a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Business (the result of bouncing around from a few different colleges) from the University of Michigan, where she graduated summa cum laude. It’s her practical work experience and ongoing series of life lessons that she attributes her success and happiness to. While some call her work “magic”, Jennifer prefers to think of herself as a lifelong learner with an open mind and heart who isn’t afraid to try new experiences and loves to explore the potential of endless possibilities.


Foster Productions, Inc. (FPI) is a creative content and digital media production company located in Orlando, Florida. Jennifer started FPI in 1999 after working as a freelance Producer in Detroit, Michigan – working primarily for Ford and General Motors since 1992. She moved FPI to Orlando as a result of a partnership with then Disney-owned i.d.e.a.s. @ Disney MGM Studios, now privately-owned and known as IDEAS.

Over the past two decades, Jennifer has written, produced and directed industrial and broadcast projects for many of the worlds largest corporations, interviewed top leaders, been challenged to create content that generated millions in revenue, and asked to tell compelling stories that would forever change the hearts and minds of viewers. She’s won numerous international and national awards for her work and is often asked to speak on panels regarding the creation of innovative and effective content.

Foster’s diverse experience spans genres including Commercial, Documentary, Learning Development, Marketing, Animation, and Broadcast media in a variety of industries including Automotive, Entertainment, Education, Enculturation, Experience Design, Finance, Food & Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Hotel & Resorts, Manufacturing, Science and Technology, and Transportation. Her work has been featured on countless platforms including Fortune 500 Companies, Live Events, Museums, Broadcast Television, Mass Distribution DVDs and the World Wide Web.

FPI’s client portfolio includes General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Auto-motive, Delphi Automotive, Walt Disney World Resorts, Disneyland Resorts, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Institute, ABC News, HR Workplace Services, Texaco Industries, Service Profit Chain Institute, Irving Oil, Steak ‘n Shake, Booz Allen Hamilton, Make A Wish Foundation, United Automobile Workers, UAW-GM Motorsport’s NASCAR Se-ries, Siemens, Raytheon, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Center for Disease Control, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Regency Resorts, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Ralph Edwards Productions, and Boston Road Productions. FPI is also a frequent contributor to projects produced by a variety of advertising and marketing agencies around the country and has produced a variety of local and national commercials.

While Jennifer continues to run FPI, her multiple talents as an award-winning Producer, Artistic Director, and skilled Writer have also been the hallmarks of numerous projects produced by her production partners at IDEAS, a former Disney company. Over the past two decades, this partnership has allowed Jennifer to expand her talents, from producing content to strategic planning and creative problem-solving, while working on a wide range of experience design, enculturation, and event productions. Most notably, her work on Spaceport America, Adventure to Fitness, Passport For Wellness, and the World Science Forum rank high among her most memorable experiences.


Jennifer Foster is the Founder, and acting CEO, of Kids’ Wellness Alliance, LLC – a children’s health and wellness edutainment company. Foster’s passion for creating entertaining and purposeful media, coupled with her vision for raising the bar on children’s entertainment, are the driving forces behind Yoga Dog™.

Yoga Dog™ is a children’s digital edutainment program which engages the imagination, emotions, and mobility of kids in a fun, entertaining, and healthful way. Each episode follows the adventures of “Yoga Dog”, an innocent, fun-loving pup who discovers the imaginative world around him with the help of his multicultural friends.

Designed as an Early Childhood Education activity, Yoga Dog™ meets kids in their communal classroom environments where they are encouraged to learn and play together. Intended for kids 3-8, the meaningful content and fun-filled experience can also be enjoyed by older children, especially those with special physical, mental, and emotional needs. The program will also be available through digital streaming so that children around the world can unite as global citizens around a program that reinforces kindness, compassion and inclusion as the pathway to inner and world peace.

Children (and their caregivers) learn yoga tools – breathing, relaxation, and physical activity – that they can use in real life to help cope with problems and make better decisions. Life skills like self-awareness, self-regulation, inclusion, good nutrition and hydration, and respect for the environment are addressed in a safe and playful activity where kids are receptive and eager to assimilate.

The bond created between Yoga Dog and his viewer participant “friends” is one of compassion, discovery, and trust. Together, they explore the exciting world around them, overcome challenges, and learn valuable lessons about themselves and others. Each episode ends with a celebration of challenges conquered and valuable life lessons learned.

Jennifer’s own spiritual journey and mindfulness practice, coupled with her passion for creating impactful children’s health and wellness edutainment, has united an impressive team of trusted children’s yoga experts, colleagues, clients and mentors – all now equally dedicated to bringing Yoga Dog™ to children around the world.

Most notably, Shakta Khalsa of Radiant Child Yoga joined the team in 2012. Shakta is one of the world’s leading experts on children and yoga, having worked with both since the mid-1970’s. She is a parent, Montessori educator, and founder of Radiant Child Yoga, one of the most well-known programs for children’s yoga and mindfulness. She is a trained yoga professional at the highest level (ERYT-500) and was named one of the top five Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world by Yoga Journal. Shakta studied under the direct guidance of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, and she’s also the author of five yoga books, including – Fly Like a Butterfly: Yoga for Children, K-I-S-S Guide to Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and her latest book The Yoga Way to Radiance: How to Follow Your Inner Guidance and Nurture Children to do the Same.

KWA is currently seeking collaborative funding partners who believe in teaching kids self-awareness and self-regulation skills that they can tap into anytime/anywhere and carry with them the rest of their lives. We believe that children possess the power, within them, to live to their full potential. Our programs provide simple tools to help kids embrace their inner self and develop strengthening skills to help them avoid being conditioned out of their own divine wisdom. Very simply, KWA helps children live happier, healthier lives and create a more peaceful world for all of us to enjoy.


Jennifer was raised in a family that put a great deal of emphasis on giving back to community. As a result, she spreads her service heart, and a considerable amount of time, throughout a number of local and national causes that are dear to her ranging from rescuing animals, to preserving the environment, to promoting human rights in the US and abroad. As her personal and professional skills have grown and diversified over the years, so has her creativity in using them to benefit others.

Most notably, Jennifer has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights for over two decades. She is the co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign community in Central Florida, serving as Co-Chair of the local steering committee and on the national board. Jennifer also served on the statewide board of the Florida Red and Blue campaign in 2004 to oppose Florida’s marriage amendment. She has been the recipient of numerous local and national awards for her LGBTQ+ activism over the years, including her bio being submitted to the U.S. Congressional Record in 2014.

In June of 2016, Jennifer felt compelled to step back into LGBTQ+ advocacy as a result of the Pulse nightclub tragedy that took 49 lives and impacted thousands of others. Jennifer was appointed by Orlando Mayor Dyer to serve on the One Orlando Fund board to help provide oversight of over $32-million dollars, from over 120 countries, donated to assist those directly affected (308 approved claims) by the Pulse tragedy. Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Committee of the United Assistance Center, a collaboration between the City of Orlando, Orange County Government, and Heart of Florida United Way, to connect individuals and families with community resources to assist with healing.

Jennifer also serves as Board Chair, and one of the original conveners, of the One Orlando Alliance – the coalition of over 30 LGBTQ+ organizations who banded together just days after the tragedy to help the community heal. While the initial reason for these organizations came together was simply to communicate and collaborate in response to the needs of those impacted, the collective leadership quickly realized that all organizations are stronger when working together. “The Alliance” now works closely with government, philanthropy, and private sector partners to ensure a more unified and inclusive LGBTQ+ community in Central Florida.

To honor those taken on June 12, she helped develop the annual remembrance known as “Orlando United Day: Acts of Love and Kindness” and the “Act.Love.Give.” movement, led by the One Orlando Alliance, that engages the Central Florida community, and supporters from around the world, in re-committing to the unwavering spirit of love and kindness that Orlando has shown, and received, as a result of the tragedy.


“Visionary” Women’s Achievement Award – Women’s Executive Council
“Most Remarkable Person” – Watermark Publishing
“Business Person of the Year” – Metropolitan Business Association
“Distinguished Citizen of the Year: One Orlando Alliance” – Orange County Government
“Best Local Activist Group: One Orlando Alliance” – Orlando Weekly

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